The founding team members at VoLo Earth Ventures have a diverse set of backgrounds with complementary skill sets and are passionate about changing the world through innovation and capitalism. We believe in responsible ESG and climate-based investing for a sustainable future.

Kareem Dabbagh

Co-Founder & MANAGING Partner

Kareem brings years of angel investing, mentoring, and startup advisory experience, and is a subject matter expert in renewable energy, energy storage, electrical grids, microgrids, and electricity markets through a 15 year career. 

Joseph Goodman, PhD

Co-Founder & MANAGING Partner

Joseph's 20 year career as a subject matter expert across diverse verticals includes 5 years of venture capital due diligence focused on buildings, electricity, carbon capture, and water.

Robert Harding

Co-Founder & MANAGING Partner

Robert brings 20 years of legal experience, working with both startups on venture capital investments and investors on impact investing deals.

Eric Riesenberg


Eric brings 20 years of investment experience spanning from angel to large private equity, and has deep research, development, and commercialization expertise through medical research that readily applies to diverse, highly-regulated markets.

Chris Tullar

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Chris brings 20 years of Institutional brokerage experience building long term relationships with a diverse network in financial service, private markets and asset management.

David Vogel

Founding advisor, seed investor

David is world-renowned for his successful application of data-science to public equity fund performance.